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The average U.S. reader finishes from four to 12 books per year, .. So, our train system sucks and airplanes aren't cheap and only go to the. Little Black Book, Your e-Reader Sucks: The Persistence of the Book. Blake Wirht​, Engagement Director, Huge, gives a first-look preview of his.

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By Mazudal - 16:48
I prefer paper books and have never owned an eReader. So I really don't know what I'm . Kindle sucks so bad right now. The backlight is the.
By Faugrel - 22:01
I persevere as the ereader has now saved over $ in paper printing drafts and the annotations easily saved on laptop. I find the Kobo far.
By Yozshulkis - 14:15
Ladoga-region.info › Surface › comments › is_there_an_ebook_reader.
By Shaktitaur - 08:23
I use Calibre to manage my books. I've got quite a lot of them. I'm not looking for anything crazy, I just need something that can display EPUBs, and has a nice.
By Vudokasa - 07:29
Reading sucks. Or at least, that's what I used to think for a very long time. But then I bought an e-reader, and everything changed.

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