Clitoris itching: Common causes, symptoms, and treatments - White film on clitoris

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Thick, cheese-like consistency; white in color (can be darker In women, the buildup may cause the clitoral hood to stick to the clitoral shaft. Many factors can cause itching of the clitoris, including irritation, arousal, white vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese but does not.

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The white, cheesy substance with the strange-sounding name can be a it can build up between the folds of the vulva and around the clitoris.
By Faurg - 05:49
Smegma is a thick white secretion produced by certain skin glands that live in the skin around the clitoris. It can appear as a cheesy discharge and may have a.
By Daigar - 05:52
If you are a person with a clitoris, that clitoris has a small hood and lots of stuff If you have a foul odor, ulcers, discharge, itchiness, or yellow or white crust, you.

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